Discover the Durham Waterfront trail online, enhance your trail experience using the mobile app

Discover the Durham Waterfront trail and the many things to see and do along the trail and in Durham’s beautiful waterfront communities. The Map Your City (MYC) – Durham Waterfront Trail lab team has worked on an interactive map that showcases the Durham section of the Waterfront Trail. Use the interactive map below for pre-trip planning. And be sure to download the mobile MYC app as your traveling companion.

The map includes trail access and way-finding points, amenities, stories, pictures, web and video links. The trail map gives you lots of ideas about the many things to see and do along the trail and throughout Durham’s beautiful waterfront communities.

Download the MYC app, map & share your stories and win great prizes!

Be sure to check out how to share your stories and win great prizes! Each month, from August to November (yes we extended your chance to win!) 2016, the Sport Durham team at the Region of Durham will reward the Most Valuable Durham Waterfront Trail Guide. We’ll look at the number of locations mapped, the favorites received on your mapped locations, pictures and tips shared, and we will reward the top guide of the month with a cool prize such as a GoPro® Camera or a Fitbit®! So what are you waiting for!!


The Durham Waterfront Trail Map for your pre-trip planning

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Port Whitby Fire Station

Remember the Port Whitby Fire Station? mapped by Whitby Library

Waterfront trail

Trailmarker left for you with a message: A great place to walk your human!

Memories of Lakeview Park

Lakefront Memories mapped by Oshawa Museum

Durham Waterfront Trail – Darlington Provincial Park

Durham Waterfront Trail – search for the sweet message mapped by Heather

Millennium square + Lighthouse

Pickering Millennium Square mapped by Laurie

Alex Robertson Park

Dog Play in the Park by Sharon

Durham Trails – WFT Wayfinding Colonel Sam Drive

Bird House near Mclaughlin Bay mapped by Heather