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Frank Meester

The MARK! Story

By | For Art and Music Lovers

When we enter the office space of MARK! we are welcomed by big pieces of what they call low brow art or street art. But other than that the office space is surprisingly clean and crisp designed, much like a modern architect’s office. The vibrant wall colors seem to be the only visible artistic expressions…

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There’s a reason Amsterdam has always been an innovation hotspot

By | Amsterdam, For Creators, Industrial Heritage

More than a thousand windmills sprung up in Zaanstreek – right next door to Amsterdam – during the 17th and 18th centuries. Making it into a hot innovation spot with many startup windmill business. They sawed wood, threshed corn, pressed grain and nuts to oil, milled coloured powder from chalk and ground snuff from tobacco leaves. All sorts of craftsmen moved into the area including tin founders, boat builders and sail makers.

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Your wish for 2017 – Write it on the Wall

By | News

Your wish for 2017? Write it on the wall! Ever wanted to chalk, spray paint, or leave your creative mark on those locations you love? Well mom isn’t always right, you are allowed to let all that creativity unleash.  Leave your message on the wall of your favorite places in your Map Your City app – We will not get mad : )
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