Did you know you can follow all your favorite Organizations in Map Your City? A great way to be kept in the loop of what your favorite communities have to share. 

Choose from a growing number of Organizations to follow, why don't you check them out!

More are added every time, so keep a close watch! Following is easy, here is how

When you follow Organizations in Map Your City:

  • You are notified every time new locations are added for you to explore.
  • You receive specific info on the topics that are of interest to you.

follow organizations

This sounds great! Can I join with my team and add my Organization too?

Yes you can! Interested in customizing the app to fit your Organization’s specific needs, get your very own (branded) map, or map with your own team or members of your Organization? Check out our premium plans. We have flexible plans and powerful custom branded options, suitable for every business goal.

Map Your City – Premium – Tell Your Stories Where It Counts
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