Internet has provided us with amazing opportunities to get our stories across – promote our products, our projects and get support for our goals, ventures and causes. But how do you actually tell a great story that people are willing to listen to, engage with and remember?

Move and inspire

Seth Godin has many times emphasized the importance of making a real connection. And not without reason marketers listen when Seth Godin speaks. To make a real connection you will have to earn trust with your followers. It is the work of a human being doing something real and personal that might not work or not be successful – which moves and inspires us.

Be worth connecting with - Make art and do something because it matters

// Seth Godin

You don’t earn connection with discounts or clever copy, you earn it by being generous and being an artist No one wants to trust or connect with a selfish person, and we don’t want to connect to someone who’s going to do just what they did yesterday.

// Seth Godin

Real people

Stories are all about people – just as your cities are not just brick and mortar. So focus your stories on those artists or show your own vulnerabilities or challenges. Even if your organization is about real estate, focusses on improving your clients’ workflows or promotes green building materials.

Start a conversation

Invite your audience to play and start a conversation. Your customers are looking for new ways to engage with businesses. In exchange for valuable experiences they want to be invited to connect & play. Current tech enables you to do more than just publish online stories or send one-way-messages. Our technology can help you start a conversation with your followers and have them participate to become part of your story in a number of exciting ways.

Listen and engage

This is actually a pretty important part – listening seems underrated in a society where people tend to think they will be heard if they just shout louder or more. But listening is an art. Hearing what your community says and acknowledging and rewarding them for that, is such an essential part. Can you imagine being invited to a conversation and when you engage the person who started the conversation with you walks out of the room? This would be considered a rude thing to do. But still many of us are not aware of this rudeness when we put more emphasis on sending out our message – in stead of really connecting.

Tell your story at your clients’ convenience

Marketing today has changed. From: outbound, or push, marketing that thrusts messaging on consumers via such channels as mailing lists, cold calls and advertising — channels consumers increasingly filter due to overload. To: inbound, or pull, where messages draw consumers in. Inbound marketers make it easy for consumers to find them when those consumers are searching for products or services they need, at the time they need them. Our location based marketing tool can help you get your message across at the time and place that is convenient for your users.

Don’t tell – Show!

A picture speaks louder that words. Images, video, personalized experiences are making your community fully experience your story and the message you want to get across. Make your community truly feel the emotions and they will…

….listen, engage and remember…


About the Author: Caroline Vrauwdeunt is founding CEO at Map Your City. Top image: Alice in Wonderland by Arthur_Rackham – “That’s very curious”

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