Map Your City® Labs – city as a test ground

By September 30, 2015 November 21st, 2016 News

City Labs are fun, a great way to engage your community and test our future developments!

Map Your City is setting up urban labs in collaboration with partners to create citizen engagement, advance smart city thinking and pilot future developments of the Map Your City app.

How do Map Your City® Labs work?

MYC Labs are pilots of real life! That’s the great thing about MYC Labs, it uses the live everyday setting of your city to create engagement and pilot on a small but real life scale!

Map Your City connects the physical and digital world with a simple to use mobile solution. MYC Labs gives partners the perfect testground to see how it can improve their online presence.

The labs are supported by us, which means we provide you with the tools to make it happen. We only ask you to engage with us and promote it with your network. You will get a sneak peak into the future, as we will be testing our future developments that will enhance Map Your City. We are kicking off the first labs in the Greater Toronto Area this September 015.

How to make Map Your City® Labs happen?

If you would like to know more and are interested in setting up a MYC Lab together, drop us a note. We are glad to help out!

Update June 016 – Sorry guys, we are no longer accepting MYC Lab requests at the moment. But you are very much invited to chat with us on any question you might have.

We designed Map Your City to help you to connect & engage, tell your stories and build strong communities.


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