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A Map Your City community is simply a group of people mapping places and telling stories together – like a city or town, event organizers, travel vloggers, photographers or architecture lovers. When you create your community on Map Your City - you are the owner of that community and can invite others to join. Together you can map, tell stories, promote places and create valuable location experiences for your community's followers.


With Map Your City you can create and customize amazing Mobile app experiences, build stunning web Maps and Landing pages, write killer Blogposts and Email campaigns, create Payment options, add Ticketing or Online Reservation Systems and Booking Platforms.


Work with your team, connected businesses, travel professionals or valued stakeholders to create location experiences together. Forget complicated agreements, time-consuming strategies, high upfront set up costs. Simply invite your stakeholders and Map Your City does the rest.


Map Your City makes it easy to create location experiences that connect with your audience at the right time and the right place. Increase your outreach even further and integrate your favorite social media, like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.


The more you know about your followers and locations, the smarter you can be with your marketing. Our built-in analytics tools help you break down the data so you can do more of what works.

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Together you get your events and adventures experienced, your art seen, make local wonders famous, and your destinations known anywhere. You optimize, and manage your community in the Map Your City Web Dashboard.

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Do you have a story to tell and want to join forces with a community already on Map Your City, without creating your own? Simply request to join a community you like - to start your experience. Joining a community is free and you can join as many as you think there's a fit.

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Communities first of all live in your mobile app, but they have a web presence too - carefully created using Map Your City's location marketing suite. Be inspired by our Live Website Demos.

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