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MYC as Canada’s mobile trail companion

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People living in and visiting the Durham region in Ontario, Canada, will be the first to use the Map Your City mobile app when exploring their trails. As the Durham Trail Coordinating Committee recently endorsed the start of the Map Your City project in collaboration with the Waterfront Regeneration Trust and the Durham regional municipality, we are now able to move forward. Read More

MYC and Newmarket work on culture map

By | Newmarket, News

MYC is proud to work with the Canadian town of Newmarket to increase engagement for their current culture map with help of our mobile tool and web map features.

Cultural mapping has been long recognized as an essential planning and economic development tool in municipalities across Canada and internationally. Many Canadian municipalities Рoften with support of the Province Рhave completed their cultural mapping project in recent years. Read More

European Heritage Days – Doors open for great places

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Get exploring with MYC during Open Heritage Days!¬†Upcoming 12th and 13th of¬†September ‚Äď thousands of historical buildings and sites throughout Europe are open to the public free of charge. Besides opening their doors, many locations also organize on-site activities like exhibitions, musical performances and guided tours.

Why don’t you check out MYC, the places¬†and their stories during Open Heritage Days? Did you know there are already more than 21.000 places in the¬†Map Your City app! Great historic places, hidden architecture gems, urban interventions, creative hubs…more are added every day! MYC is a great companion to have with you upcoming open heritage weekend. Read More

Earn your MYC guerrilla sticker kit

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Start live tagging your favorite buildings and spaces and earn an awesome kit for geo taggers, urban explorers and tactical urbanists alike.

As we urge you to go outside and explore with the Map Your City app as your companion, we collected the stuff you need on your expedition. And for a limited time you can get a hold of an awesome personalized kit. Read More

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