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Student in #KWAwesome and Social Media is what you live for?

You would be helping us out with the following and enhance your studies at the same time:
- Work on our social media presence — by communicating on places on our platform through social media and blogposts
- Conduct interviews with key players in the marketing vertical in order to write blogs about the marketing industry and latest developments

What makes us tick

Map Your City helps everyone to map & tell their stories at the places that matter to them. We want to bring people closer to their cities and towns again and connected to their community. We exist for our users and design for them. We believe in creating together and the power of small to create a crowd. We want to be honest and clear on everything we do and stand for.

A great team is key to all of this

As a team, we work closely together. Learning from each other. Timezones do not prove to be a hindrance as we continually reach out. Map Your City is always “on”, as our users are too.

We strive for the very best and continually ask feedback from our users to build the product they love even better.

Building what never existed before

We face a lot of challenges, like: designing a mobile app and platform that puts the power of creating personal location based experiences in the hands of our users and to be able to ensure platform consistency. Creating a platform where free users keep finding valuable experiences and our premium membership plans continue to attract those storytellers. Delivering personal experiences without intruding private space.

Learning by doing

We are finding out on our journey. We deliberately operate this way, learning from mistakes, improving in next steps, in productdesign, development, businessmodel…in all. When you tread new paths there are no obvious solutions for the problems we face, but that is what we love doing. And we hope you do too.

Unique opportunity

Use your skills, strengthen your CV, connect with our international team, and to get to know Map Your City inside out. Grow your professional network and stand out from the crowd.
You can work remote, and are very well able to combine it with your other obligations (yes we understand you have a social life as well :).

Who are you?

You like what Map Your City is about. You are tech savvy, never leave your phone out of sight and are online most of the time, you are an avid traveller that knows what makes cities of the world tick. You love to work for a kickass startup company and want valuable experience to enhance your (social) media or marketing studies.

Is this you? — Then we’d love to hear from you

Please send us your portfolio