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As a part of a local ‘slow food’ movement, we organize a number of different events. Incorporating this platform into our existing event planning workflow has been super easy with promising results. It’s helped increase our outreach, social media presences, and generate added foot traffic! Jennifer – City Storyteller
Finding places to work on my startup used to feel like a job in of itself. Thankfully this app not only connects me with all the places I need to know about in the city where I can work on my projects, but it also brings me together with my community of creators. Meeting up, collaborating, and working together has never been so easy. Lisk – Digital Nomad
Finding stuff to do with my kid (that I actually like too 😉 ) used to be a drag. Now, by being connected to other parents and people in the community looking for the same places, connecting with them, sharing our experiences at places around the city, and checking out new things is super easy. Jake – Parent, Child at Heart
I used to spend tons of nights eating hotel food and staying in while on business in Amsterdam because I was never around long enough to get to know the city. This app has connected me to so many cool places and spots to spend my evenings with colleagues discovering this beautiful city. Ravi – City Explorer
I’m part of a pretty vibrant music community in my city and get involved in planning a lot of concert and event nights with bands and music lovers. Keeping in touch and letting people know not only what’s going on in the community but where everything is happening is super easy with MapYourCity. Shannon – City Storyteller

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Amsterdam is a swinging party, a city that is also a small town, home to humour that make Amsterdammers Amsterdammers, a place where nothing is frowned upon (except for tourists on beer bikes).

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A multi ethnic metropole next to Lake Ontario. Torontonians can be seen biking or peddling the Lake’s waterfront in Summer or venture out to the Islands, and in Winter there is PATH for your local winter shopping stops.

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Kitchener - Waterloo

KW is one of the fastest growing economies in Canada, where traditional craft goes hand in hand with innovative tech, where startups are called goats and where you can play Canadian Games like axe throwing and archery tag.


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London has just been declared one of the most popular cities to visit in the world, second only to Bangkok, Thailand! And we’re not surprised. London is rich in history, yet it’s also where the coolest contemporary trends meet.

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Paris continues to undergo change, shaping the capital for the 2020s. Paris – is serious competition for cities like London and Tokyo as innovative arts & design cities – to rank alongside the world’s most innovative.

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Move over Hollywood! Whether you’re blending in with the crowd at Times Square, taking a stroll around Central Park, or visiting any other famous destination in NYC, chances are you’re standing where famous movie scenes have been shot.

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