What is Map Your City?

We are a map where Explorers and Storytellers meet

No, not the kind of map with boring pins and street names. It’s a new kind of map that’s connected to the communities you love and the world. People use it every day to explore, talk, play, learn — and map some places, too.

A true Explorer?

Exploring and discovering the best local spots and the coolest local hangouts is totally you. You wanna know all about the craziest off the beaten track exploring, the best entertainment and more. But you also want your experiences to be authentic, chat about them with your friends and learn something on the way.

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Your mission in life is to tell your community's story beautifully and meaningfully engage with your followers. You love going the extra mile to get the stories for your projects and events across in order to take your audience to places that will wow them and offer them experiences that will blow them away.

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A genuine Storyteller?