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How Ethan Young gets to know his cities

Frontend-developer from LA working in Amsterdam

We meet Ethan at the Stedelijk Museum. He is what you would call a digital nomad - travelling from one place to another as an independent soul creating apps for companies all across the globe. ``I just love the way everything in Amsterdam breathes history and culture. I regularly visit museums like the Stedelijk or Moco Museum. I like Amsterdam because it has a dense community of developers and there are great places you can work from and connect with the developer community. I kinda switch between workspaces, I like B. Amsterdam, drop in at MoMa sometimes or just work from my apartment when I need to deep dive into code against an upcoming deadline.``
``Map Your City is a great find - helped me connect with new places to work and helped me get to know the city better. Following the Amsterdam community since I landed here, and my next destination Toronto is on there too!``
Most welcome Ethan 🙂

How Eva Morgen found her co-working hub + great coffee

Freelance Social Media Expert and European Urbanite

Eva is a Freelance Social Media Expert working from the co-working hub B. Amsterdam. She loves coffee - like adores it. ``I probably drink too much coffee actually. But I am picky. I do not care much for chains with boring recipes and mundane brews. I want unique tastes and roasts you don't get everyday.``
``I love the way Map Your City shines a spotlight on those extra special places in the community that deserve being checked out by urban adventurers like myself.`` It is also how she connected with B. Amsterdam. ``That is a great place to connect to other businesses and an amazing co-working space as well - yes with great coffee too ;)``
``I will be travelling to Paris next week and already following the Inside Paris community and sent some nice finds to my friends on Facebook and pinned them on Pinterest.``

How the Bowers make it all about family fun

Bower family from Toronto visiting NYC

We meet the Bowers on the top of the Rockefeller Plaza. Jason their oldest cannot leave the viewer go - while the rest of the family is hungry and wants to grab some lunch. We ask Brian & Joanne what it is like travelling with their three kids. ``Well its fun but hard sometimes too - getting around with three young kids, find stuff they really like and we do too. We all experience the city differently - especially the kids all have different stories at the end of the day.``
``We were already following the Toronto community on Map Your City. We loved how we could filter on stuff to do with kids and find those off the beaten path experiences too, getting tickets is a breeze and big timesaver. From now on we will use Map Your City to all the cities we travel to. You need more cities though!``
Thanks eh! - Working on that Bower family 🙂

Mark Jones loves being updated on things to do

Student at the Jeans Academy Amsterdam

We meet Mark at one of Amsterdam's Canals. He is a third year student at the Jeans Academy in the South of Amsterdam. ``You must be a pretty awesome designer to be selected for the Jeans Academy?``
``Ha - not something I would say about myself, but it is notoriously hard to get in, so they must have liked some of my first work`` - Mark answers.
When asked about his favorite place in in the city he immediately answers Paradiso. Because the great atmosphere and new bands they've got programmed. ``Love being updated on things to do through the Amsterdam community in the Map Your City app - and the convenience of ordering tickets right from the app too!``

Why André Smith shares his locations on FB & WhatsApp

Fine Artist & Skateboarder

André loves to skateboard - and he is great at it too! ``Yes I almost boarded professionally - until I broke my back with a trick in the half pipe. But I love to get in there still, doing some big airs even after all that`` He is a digital media artist and has his workshop on the NDSM.
``Love the Amsterdam community and what you guys are putting together. I mean where else can I find Skateparks that easy and with the same ease creative hubs or a great place to eat. I just share the location I am at on my FB page or WhatsApp - makes connecting with my friends a breeze. Following Amsterdam and quite a few other communities allready - keep up the good work!``
Will do André!

Ron Howard is having fun collecting his favorites on his treasure map

London Local works at the TEA building

Ron walks to work every day and often checks in with his friends or colleagues at a local pub in Shoreditch. ``I simply love London - although price of living is quite expensive I wouldn't move out of the city at any price. Following the London Guide on Map Your City gives me great insights on what's new, what's on and where to go.``
``And I love to go out exploring - using Map Your City is fun to collect my favorite finds on my own map. I already got some great places mapped - vinyl shops - some street art hot spots - feels sort of like treasure hunting``

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