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Map Your City is everyone's travel companion, personal city guide and very own mapping app

Map & collect your favorite places on your treasure map. Invite others to follow, share your stories, get valuable tips & insights and discover spots you did not know before. Your free membership is waiting - start your story today!

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Tell your organization's, community's or project's story where it counts.

Create valuable branded location based experiences for your ecosystem, your message targeted at the right audience, the right time and the right place.

An intuitive online Dashboard to build beautiful customized online maps, manage your mobile app and connect to your community.

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Our clients' business rationale for choosing us, is why you will value our platform too.

  • Drive Sales
    Get More: Event Tickets Booked – Art Seen – Hotel Rooms Booked – Food Tasted – Museums Visited – Local Wonders Famous – Wineries Visited...

  • Save Costs
    Save considerable costs by inviting your community into your business process in exchange for valuable experiences.

  • Make informed decisions
    Be in the know! Get the intel you need to make smart business decisions.

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Great platform! It allowes us to build an amazing map with our stakeholders & local heroes, and gives us new ways to promote Durham Region as a great place to stay and play.
Our tourism stakeholders love it

Lori Talling Durham Tourism Sports Coordinator, Durham Region, Canada

Map Your City is a great tool for Universities & Colleges to use to onboard new students.
A tool that can enrich the student experience on campus tremendously.

Christel van der Craats Poject Leader Fab City Campus Student Program - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Map Your City enables us to get our message on the importance of re-use of heritage across.
And we can now actively engage our community in mapping our heritage.

Jeptha Dullaert | Heemschut Heritage Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Map Your City Platform is intuitive and easy to use. Building towards launch, we have felt the love and support by the MYC team

Rob Wilson | Supervisor, Culture Services Town of Newmarket, Canada

Map Your City - Tell Your Stories

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