In 1832, brothers-in-law James Worts and William Gooderham built a windmill on the shore of Lake Ontario. After Worts’s death, Gooderham added a distillery and launched a business that would become the largest distillery in the British Empire, and for a time, in the world.

Historic Places

That windmill has disappeared, but more than 40 late 19th-century buildings remain. They are a testament to the creative integration of the past with completely different, modern uses. In Toronto you can find history everywhere, and an increasing number of historic places are repurposed for new uses and find themselves a catalyst for urban development and attracting new business.

The Canadian Register of Historic Places (CRHP) connects Canadians in meaningful way to their historic places and provides a single source of information about all historic places recognized for their heritage value at the local, provincial, territorial and national levels throughout Canada. You can find Canada’s historic places in your Map Your City app and on the Discover Toronto community map – simply filter on “Heritage”. Go on check out venues for your next event, explore your (new or old) neighborhood, look for a real and authentic experience…amazing histories are closer than you think.

👉Its galleries, artists' studios, design shops, coffeehouses, restaurants, and numerous live music performances, exhibitions and special events now attract tens of thousands of people each month.

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Gooderham & Worts Story

In 1832, brothers-in-law James Worts & William Gooderham built a windmill on the shore of Lake Ontario, it became largest distillery in the British Empire
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