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PRESS RELEASE – July 19 2021

MapYourCity – the map where explorers and storytellers meet – has partnered with citizenM Hotels.

The app – that revolves around communities creating maps for their followers – is making serious progress in the travel & local experiences industry.

The company had already teamed up with US based travel experience providers: Sightseeing Pass, Suntransfers and Undercouver Tourist last month.

They have now partnered with citizenM Hotels. citizenM hotels are built for today’s savvy travellers, who don’t want to pay for what they don’t need. Travellers that want to stay in easily accessible locations, sleep in huge beds, and surf superfast free Wi-Fi. 

“We are really proud to be working with these industry leaders. citizenM – with 4228 hotel rooms in 12 cities and counting – has disrupted the traditional hotel model to give modern travellers what they want – affordable hybrid luxury hotels. A hybrid hotel that isn’t just a place to sleep, but somewhere to work, relax, and play. As we are changing the way people explore, discover & promote places, we think this partnership is a wonderful match as it fits effortlessly with our experience and objective.” says Caroline Vrauwdeunt CEO and Founder of ANDRS Project Europe, the company that owns & builds Map Your City.

Find out if Map Your City can empower your brand, project, experiences, travel blog, art, city, BIA or destination – using Map Your City is free and it is super easy to start your trial. Download the app at .