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The next frontier in location marketing

Marketing world-class location experiences today has changed and we’ve designed our product to enable you to market those experiences for your customers at scale. As marketing professionals and customer-centric businesses that get it – you know the value of a great experience. At Map Your City, we’re doing everything we can to build a product that embodies your values, because they’re our values too. 

Release Notes is regularly updated to highlight recent product improvements we’ve made or are working on so you can easily stay up-to-date on what’s new or what’s about to be released. 


Map Your City App & Dashboard 

This Update is from

January 2020

What We Did

UI/UX Improvements, Implemented the highest level of Secure Payments processing, General updates and fixes

In Progress –  

A 24/7 helpdesk accessible from your Web Dashboard

More marketing insights.

Dashboard overview of all that is important to your community – simple tables and graphs.

Making sure you can scale your community without worrying about data limits, storage and security.

Accessible helpdesk right from your web dashboard.

Deprecated as of next release
Expected Delivery

March 2020

Current Status

In Development

We Delivered –  

Further personalized your experience

Improvements for Android devices

More Secure Payments

Further improvements to your onboarding experience.

Long overdue: we added a notification badge counter and improved the menu UX (no more double tapping!) in the Android app.

We are now supporting a more secure way to pay by enabling two-factor authentication via 3D Secure 2.

General updates and fixes.

Deprecated as of next release
Expected Delivery

December 2019

Current Status


About Map Your City

What exactly is Map Your City?

Map Your City is where Explorers and Storytellers meet. It is where explorers get valuable tips & insights, latest on events, get festival tickets and discover spots they did not know before.

It is where businesses tell their stories, either by joining a community or creating one. A Map Your City Community is simply a group of people mapping and telling stories together – like your company, organization, city or town.

How do I create my own Map Your City account?

Simply get started by downloading the Map Your City app from the App or Play store.

Do I need to link my bank account or credit card in order to use it?

Map Your City is free to use forever and you can follow an unlimited number of locations and communities. Does your business have a story to tell? You can join a community for free or create one yourself. You can create a community without the need to connect your credit card and try us out for 15 days.

Will Map Your City's Service work on my mobile device?

Map Your City is developed for newest of iOS and Android devices. You can find out if it works with your mobile operating system in the app and play store.

Is it available in my country?

The Map Your City mobile app is available globally in Play and App stores and our professional location marketing suite (Map Your City’s Web Dashboard) is offered as a globally available cloud service.

Where can I get more answers and support on how these changes affect me?

You can find more answers in our Knowledge Base or contact our team directly with any questions you have: