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A Fun and Effective Way to Create Engagement

Contests and challenges are a fun and effective way to ignite excitement and engagement within your community on the Map Your City app and destination marketing platform.

These interactive campaigns can elevate your destination marketing efforts. Encouraging your community to actively participate and share their experiences.

How to do it the Right Way

When done right, contests and challenges can not only generate user-generated content and boost brand awareness. But also strengthen the bond between your destination and its community.

a) Setting Clear Objectives:

Before launching a contest or challenge, define clear objectives. Are you looking to increase user engagement, promote specific attractions, or boost social media visibility? Understanding your goals will help you design a contest that aligns with your marketing strategy.

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b) Choosing Exciting Themes:

Select themes that resonate with your community and showcase the best of your destination. Whether it’s a photography contest celebrating breathtaking landscapes or a treasure hunt challenge leading users to hidden gems. The theme you use should spark enthusiasm and creativity among participants.

c) Determining Rules and Guidelines:

Establish straightforward rules and guidelines for the contest or challenge. Be clear about the entry process, submission deadlines, and any specific requirements. Transparent rules instill confidence and encourage broader participation.

d) Promoting the Contest:

Promotion is key to the success of your contest. Leverage social media, email newsletters, and of course our in-app notifications to spread the word. Encourage your community to share the contest details with their friends and followers to reach a wider audience.

e) Showcasing Prizes and Incentives:

Offer enticing prizes or incentives to motivate people to participate. Consider partnering with your local businesses or attractions in your community to provide exclusive experiences or discounts. Highlight the rewards to generate excitement and encourage active involvement.

f) Encouraging User-Generated Content:

Design the contest to encourage user-generated content. For example, a photo or video contest will result in captivating visuals that can be shared across your marketing channels. User-generated content adds authenticity and fosters a sense of community involvement.

g) Engaging with Participants:

Throughout the contest or challenge, actively engage with participants. Respond to their submissions, acknowledge their efforts, and share outstanding entries on your social media platforms. This interaction boosts morale and encourages continued engagement.

h) Announcing Winners and Celebrating:

When the contest concludes, publicly announce the winners and celebrate their achievements. Feature winning entries on your destination’s profile or website. Recognize and thank all participants for their contributions to show appreciation for their involvement.

i) Analyzing Results and Feedback:

After the contest, analyze the results and gather feedback from participants. Measure the success of the campaign against your objectives and identify areas for improvement. Use the insights gained to enhance future contests and refine your marketing strategies.

j) Building on the Momentum:

Capitalizing on the excitement generated by the contest, build on the momentum to sustain community engagement. Plan follow-up activities or campaigns that continue to involve participants and maintain their enthusiasm.

In conclusion

Running contests and challenges on the Map Your City platform can be a game-changer for your destination marketing efforts. By fostering participation, generating user-generated content, and increasing brand visibility, contests and challenges create a positive feedback loop of engagement.

As your community rallies around these interactive campaigns, you’ll witness a stronger and more vibrant community that is deeply invested in the success of your destination.

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