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Create opportunities to try new things, to make memories, to go to new places, and to meet new people.

Facebook Ads

Facebook is still the market leader social network app on both iOS and Android. In 2018 well over 70% of app users used Facebook worldwide and the social media app currently sits at 2.23 billion (!) monthly active users according to Statista. Giving your MapYour City location experiences increased reach with help of Facebook is a no brainer.

  • Add your stellar locations on Map Your City
  • Add ticket sales, seat reservation or other options
  • Don’t forget to reward Early Birds
  • Copy and Paste your unique location link on Facebook, and voila..
  • Increase location engagement
  • Create more foot traffic

Promote with Pins

Recent newcomer Pinterest was the fastest grower and reached 250 million monthly active users in 2018. That is 250 million people wanting to get ideas from your business to figure out what to do or buy next. And Map Your City helps them get there.

  • Are your followers on Pinterest? You are in luck ’cause Map Your City and Pinterest are a great match
  • Explorers in Map Your City can collect their favorite places on their app’s treasure map and easily add them to their Pinterest Boards
  • Start creating a board with your community’s Locations and grab their attention on Pinterest too
  • Map your locations, add attention grabbing images and simply pin it.
A collection of articles to help you market smarter with Map Your City’s destination marketing tools.

Send Postcards and Twitter cards

People are visual beings, seduce them with postcards and just a tagline to go places, to create their experiences, build new memories. Find out how easy it is to turn your Map Your City locations into postcards for your Twitter followers and targeted email campaigns.

  • Postcards obsolete? Think again! Postcards synthesize the high points of a journey into a few important words.
  • Use Map Your City to create your modern day postcards
  • Use high quality engaging images to grab attention – really 280 characters for the tagline are enough
  • Make sure you personalize your brand’s locations to give a unique perspective when people click through

In App Notifications

Push notifications are extremely powerful channels for brands to reach customers. Push notifications also have a high engagement rate. Marketplace Analytics and Insights Platform Kahuna data revealed click-through-rates as high as 40%. For some perspective: email click-through-rates hover in the 1-4% range.

  • Used with Map Your City’s dynamic deep linking, you can use push notifications to easily draw your followers to specific locations
  • Add vouchers, unique news to share or tell about events coming up
  • Effective push notifications are timely, personal and actionable

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What Else Can I do?

Create better location experiences

Create and customize amazing Mobile app experiences, build stunning web Maps and Landing pages, write killer Blogposts and Email campaigns, create Payment options, add Ticketing or Online Reservation Systems and Booking Platforms.

Connect everyone everywhere

Marketing world-class location experiences today has changed and we’ve designed our product to enable you to market those experiences for your customers at scale.

Optimize your marketing

The more you know about your followers and locations, the smarter you can be with your marketing. Our built-in analytics tools help you break down the data so you can do more of what works.