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The best places in the world for your workout.

Behind on your training schedule? Hard to find a gym that suits your work hours - or don't know where to look for one when you are in a new city? Our team rounded up some of the best places in the world for your training goals.

Working out doesn’t have to cost a lot

G etting your regular dose of exercise helps to keep you in shape. Especially in the midst of a pandemic, where we are stuck at home or find our gyms closed, keeping to a schedule of regular workouts seems hard. But that really doesn’t have to be the case. We’ve rounded up some of the best places to work-out in the world.

And guess what? Many of those are actually in the public domain and free to access! So no membership fees or the need to train within a venue’s opening hours.

We’ve rounded up the world’s best and these are some of our award winners. If you’re looking for more training spots, you can just filter using the tag “For Sport Lovers” when exploring on Map Your City.

1. The Underline, Miami

M apped by Inside Cities Magazine – this place beneath Miami’s Metrorail is an excellent example of how cities can be much more creative with unused open spaces. Over 10 miles of unused space is being transformed by the city of Miami into a linear park, urban trail, and public art destination.


2. Konditaget Lüders, Copenhagen

T his recreational space is built on the roof of a parking structure, 24 meters above ground. It has already been playfully dubbed as “Park and Play”.

3. The Pigalle, Paris

S andwiched between a pair of apartment buildings in Paris is the Pigalle basketball court – where air balls and alley-oops meet artistic intervention.

4. The Bentway, Toronto

M uch like the Underline The Bentway was an underutilized area in Toronto. A large area under the Gardiner Expressway that has been transformed into a multi use park.

5. Vans Skate Park, Montreal

J une 2021 Montreal unveiled the massive new section at the Vans Skatepark, which complements the pro-level 900-square-metre concrete bowl that was completed in 2019 to host the Canadian stop of the Vans Park Series competition.

But what about places near me?

Y ep – these (and a few more) are the absolute best we rounded up for you for 2021. There are plenty more to find in the Map Your City app.

Can’t find your favorite places in the app? If you’re interested in sharing your favorite places to train or to play to the map – why don’t you request to join the Playful Places community and start mapping together with them. If you’re into skateboarding – how about joining our Skate Ground community and point your peers to the best skate parks you know. Joining any of the communities is free.

There are a ton of locations on Map Your City, and more are added every day. Simply download the app 📲 follow some of the communities you fancy, or use the filter “Sports” or “For Sport Lovers” when exploring the map.

Map Your City is on a mission to help you tell your stories where it counts.

No credit card required – simply download the app and create your community or join one you fancy.

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