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When we enter the office space of MARK! we are welcomed by big pieces of what they call low brow art or street art.

But other than that the office space is surprisingly clean and crisp designed, much like a modern architect's office. The vibrant wall colors seem to be the only visible artistic expressions.

What is MARK! about

Ron – the company’s CEO – walks in with two cappuccino and we set ourselves comfortably at the big round meeting table in the meeting room called the Shire. Ron notices me looking at the round table and explains this is to avoid anyone sitting at the head of the table. “Everyone in this company has the same right to speak their minds and no one chairs a meeting. No and it does not end in chaos” – he laughs at me frowning.

MARK! is a creative agency that connects artists to events, platforms and art galleries. “We do not create art ourselves, but help our artists with their branding, advertising and connecting them to their audience and prospective clients.

Every artist that is our client we help as much as possible to free them of the burden of business – in order for them to completely focus on the creative process. Each client has its own style and personality and we do not settle for less than an excellent fit for that style and personality with our custom services.

Street artists use the city as their canvas

We start discussing Map Your City and how it has helped them recently. “Street artists use the city as their canvas, often they address social issues in our society. I particularly like those artists that make you search for their work, and do not want to be known other than with their brand name. Banksy is probably the most famous, but there are many – such as the French artist Invader.” The Map Your City platform has helped MARK! to map art locations and to make them easier to find. “We were also able to add additional information & media to the artwork. It becomes a complete experience.” – Ron explains.

Street Art by the French artist Invader

Street Art by the French artist Invader

Street art is meant to be seen and interacted with by a large audience

Their art is meant to be discovered and unravelled by a large audience” – Ron continues – “they are not meant to be in galleries to buy only for the riches. At the same time you can imagine this artist’s mindset limits the possibilities to get revenue from their art and live on what they love most in life.

Today street art is increasingly getting the recognition it needs and more festivals are organised where our artists are invited to create. But you can imagine there is a world of opportunities left untapped – simply because they lack time, network or skills to successfully promote.

By matching their portfolio with the services of MARK! artists literally are able to make their mark and make good money. MARK! has a team of creatives that can design campaigns from a-z, a business development team and a vast valuable network their clients can tap into.

I think the ability to join communities on Map Your City is an amazing addition to your subscription portfolio, it unlocks many features that otherwise would not be accessible for individual business or artists alike. And I am a sucker for the power of small to create something big. We were already convinced about Map Your City Premium for our artists' events, this new addition is a no brainer.

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