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The best places in the United States you should know before you book your trip.

Yay the US have re-opened their borders after being closed for over a year! Before you book your ticket though - check out these places first. Here are our tips for an amazing stay.

The US is so big – it’s hard to choose where to start

If you’ve never been to the states, you might feel a little overwhelmed.  And it matters if you travel with kids, with a friend or solo. With filters matching your preference, we’ve definitely made it easy to explore places from the app. But we’ve gone a bit further in this post and highlighted some favorites you might like to add to your itinerary depending on the size of your group.

1. You travel with kids

If you travel with young kids Florida might be you best bet. There’s plenty of things to do that your kids will enjoy and at the same time loads of opportunity for some relax time as well. Of course there’s Disney-world in Orlando.  But there is actually a lot more beside this super popular park.  Here’s a few of our tips.

//Go on a Gator Adventure

//Enjoy an American Fair

//Mingle with Pirates

//See Dolphins Play

2. You travel with a friend

If you’re traveling in a small group or with your loved one cities are a great get-away – with plenty of fun experiences and places to eat during the day and an entertaining night scene you really cannot go wrong in either New York City on the East Coast or San Francisco on the West. Doing a roundtrip? In that case some of the National Parks should for sure be on your list.

Here are some of our tips.

//Get whisked up a lookout in NYC

//Round Manhattan by Sailboat

//Take a leisurely stroll in San Fran

//Or take a Go-Cart

//Go on a hike

3. You travel solo

We for sure would go for a city trip, especially joining some fun group experiences like  will make your trip that bit extra special. Or go for the total relax holiday and get some luxury thrown your way. Come on – yes you totally deserve it.

//I am in Miami Baby

//Go on a Paparazzi Safari

//Get pampered in luxury

//Hang with locals

//Check out street art

Best travel deals

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