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Idea No. 1

Your Favorite Cities

There are so many incredible cities you would love to live in. So why live in just one? Absolutely right! Create your treasure map with all the places you love – in all the cities you ❤️.

best shops - 21 ways to use your treasure map

Idea No. 2

Your best boutiques

You are a true fashion passionate, you don't follow but set the latest fashion trends. Your map is filled with local boutiques, thrift shops and vintage spots.
rooftops - 21 ways to use your treasure map

Idea No. 3

Your coolest rooftops

You have no fear of heights and know the best experiences can be found sky high. From rooftop bars to a game of golf, you want to make sure you collect them all.
skateboarding - 21 ways to use your treasure map

Idea No. 4

Best skate parks

The days you had to roam the city to find a skate bowl or a street course with plenty of coped ledges and wall rides are over. Your map holds a growing collection of your favorite parks, spots and shops. When you're off for some tricks you simply share your location with your followers to come watch.
Idea No. 5

A map full of adventures

There is nothing like planning for new adventures, Map Your City is a great way to get exploring before even setting a step outside your door. Once you are on your way – you can book ahead to make reservations, update the places your visited with your personal notes, relive the moments, and share them with those you left behind.

best coffees - street art - 21 ways to use your treasure map

Idea No. 6

Where to get the best local brews

Whether it is a local beer you'd like to try or the latest coffee brew. There are many places that deserve your love and a place on your treasure map, even places that serve both. What more do you want!
trails - street art - 21 ways to use your treasure map

Idea No. 7

Baddest Bike Trails

The adventure starts when you hop on your bike and paddle off in to your local wilderness. Your map is a guide packed with your achievements and places to be conquered.

Idea No. 8

My favorite overnight stays

A map full of your favorite overnight stays - true experiences that you would always go back to and love to stay in touch with, and share among friends. O mmm - right and since buddy travels with you wherever you go - these are places that love pets.
museums - 21 ways to use your treasure map

Idea No. 9

Museums in my favorite cities

Museums are magical places - they take you back in time or let your travel to a distant future, or spark that creative gen you knew was there. Your map is a collection of museum magic.

Idea No. 10

My favorite places to work

You are a regular nomad and want to keep a collection of workspaces to drop in close at hand. So you can book your desk in advance in every city that you visit.
street art - 21 ways to use your treasure map

Idea No. 11

Street Art I LOVE

Graffiti is the rawest form of artistic expression and your map is a growing collection of your favorite spots.

A map for the things that are important in your life

Create a map for everything important in your life, to connect, keep up, relive moments, share experiences….

Idea No. 12-18

Natural Flow

Love the places that support your healthy living. From your local food market to your yoga place.

Hot Looks

All the places you visit to get those hot looks – they certainly deserve a ❤️.

Furry Friend

Mark the parks where you can take your furry buddy for long walks and the places where both of you are welcome to stay.

Family Life

Load your map with places that were full of family fun or simply add the playgrounds for your little-ones.

Meet Friends

Fill your favorites with the best hangouts to go with friends.

Tons of Romance

Romance deserves a lot of ❤️❤️❤️. Why not fill your map with all romantic places?

Idea No. 19

The Best Beaches

Where can you find long sandy beaches and beautiful sundowns? Or cool city beaches with some great festivals? Once you find them keep all of those close – for a splashing summer holiday, just a family day at the beach or to keep track of your favorite spots to catch some waves,

Idea No. 20

My City’s Playgrounds

Collect your best places to play. Basketball courts in your hood, soccer courtyards where panna stars are born, parkours to get street running, skateparks to show your best tricks – there are no rules and no refs, just play.

Idea No. 21

Best Places to Park it

Far far away, behind mountains and in far away countries there are amazing places for your #vancation. Love them, map them and share them (mmm or maybe just keep them to yourself).

So how do I create my treasure map?


Sign Up For Free

So you have created your free account in a matter of minutes with our amazingly simple sign up process.

Favorite Places

From now on when you hit the ❤️ you start following places and they show up on your treasure map. (Hint: Slide toggle to show favorites.)

Love Your Life

Yeah, it is super simple. Now you also get updated on all those places you are following. So sit back - relax - and pop a cold-one. Oh and share some of your favorites with your friends while you are at it 🙂
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