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21 ways to use your treasure map - fill it with your favorite places, create itineraries for your visit or memories of places experienced.

Here are 21 ways to use your treasure map

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When you have found the places you love – hit the ❤️ and they will be added to your personal treasure map. Where you can keep them close at hand whenever you need to book a ticket or make a reservation, or just as a reminder. You can use your treasure map for a bunch of things. Here are 21 ways.

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The new and notable in New York city

The New and the Notable in New York City

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There’s a reason New York City is so famous: it has everything that you could ask for from a metropolis. Cuisines from all over the world? Check! Cool skyscrapers? Check! Theaters, performance venues and creative hubs? Check! Whatever you’re in the mood for, the New York City Guide has got the classics and the new and notable covered!

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No Déjà Vu in Paris: creative summer exhibitions and innovative musea

No Déjà Vu in Paris part 2: get creative in the heart of the Île-de-France

By For Creators, For Kids (All Ages), For Travellers, From the Blog, Paris

Paris continues to undergo change, shaping the capital for the 2020s. Paris – that had serious competition from cities as London and Tokyo as innovative arts & design cities – ranks again alongside the world’s most innovative.
The city’s cultural offering remains without doubt the destination’s key attraction, but now adds to that new prestigious & unusual attractions and exceptional events.

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There’s a reason Amsterdam has always been an innovation hotspot

By Amsterdam, For Creators, Industrial Heritage

More than a thousand windmills sprung up in Zaanstreek – right next door to Amsterdam – during the 17th and 18th centuries. Making it into a hot innovation spot with many startup windmill business. They sawed wood, threshed corn, pressed grain and nuts to oil, milled coloured powder from chalk and ground snuff from tobacco leaves. All sorts of craftsmen moved into the area including tin founders, boat builders and sail makers.

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