In Amsterdam we might not always be aware that what the city has to offer us – is not the standard for many who come to visit. As born Amsterdammers we are somewhat spoiled with so much choice to experience and entertain us Food Lovers, Fashion Passionates, Art & Music Lovers, Creators….

Local Virtues

Where others may still perceive them as unique once in a lifetime experiences, vices even – we Amsterdammers have accepted those vices as virtues, and walk from one unique experience to the next as normalities almost in every-day life…

…A thriving creative & music scene …dodging the 800.000 bikes when we are not biking ourselves…when was weed ever illegal….electing a night mayor as an official spokesman for all things concerning Amsterdam’s nightlife & clubscene…staying at hotels that are creative hubs or creative hubs that are hotels….clubbing in a church…not noticing the amazing history everywhere…swinging from the top of a tower…

Local Stories

To celebrate those virtues here are some that tell their stories in the Map Your City app. Go explore, check the venue’s event agenda, book your tickets, make that reservation or simply stop by.  Let us know if any local virtues are missing or if your business has a story of its own to tell in Amsterdam.

👉Paradiso is a venue in a former church in the heart of Amsterdam. But we are also more than a thousand events at several locations throughout the city, hosting over 600,000 people annually.

👉Till the late sixties of last century, a shower was considered a luxury not every house in the city had. As an addition, they visited a community bathhouse once a month where they could take a shower for little money. Now it is where we brew our award winning craft beer.

👉W Amsterdam Exchange is connecting Amsterdam with the W-DNA of Design, Fashion, Music & Fuel, the Exchange building is for those seeking a vibrant and lively scene.

👉Record Mania - It’s a great shop with a lot of collectables! Since 1994 a well known address for many record lovers.

👉Handcrafted to perfection, Inkdistrict's artists will create the perfect tattoo according to your wishes. Be it from scratch based on an idea you have or from an existing design you like, our professional and experienced team of artists will make that design become reality.

👉Get arty at the Rijksmuseum’s Teekenschool, located next to the museum. There are workshops for young and old, introducing you to drawing, painting, photography and design.

Does your business have a story to tell in Amsterdam?

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In Amsterdam we might not always be aware that what the city has to offer us - is not the standard for many who come to visit. As born Amsterdammers…
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