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A special club for creators – enjoy all of the premium features of Map Your City for free.

If you are a creator and you love what we do - sign up and become a brand partner for life.

Be one of the selected few

The Program is open on invite only

Get access to e-v-e-ry-thing

Get access to all the premium features

No cost for you

Save big - just hit those targets

How it works

You are a photographer, videographer, musician or (street) artist
Create an Organization for your portfolio or collaborate with others
You don’t pay a single dollar per month (like nothing, zilch, nada) for using premium features
You don’t pay anything upfront.
Just publish a number of agreed upon actions for your community.
If you hit those goals – we’ll reward you with full basic Essentials membership worth US$25 a month – completely for free.
Enter the 2021 Program