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Have you ever googled “destination marketing software” and been over- whelmed by the endless options, every one of them claiming to be the No. 1 choice? Figuring out which destination marketing tool to buy — or even where to start researching — can be challenging.
That’s where this guide comes in.
It will cover how to pinpoint your specific needs, what to look for, what to avoid, how to buy a destination marketing tool, and how to convince those in charge of the budget to approve the purchase.

What you’ll learn in this guide:

  • How to properly assess your current destination marketing systems and processes.
  • How to identify and prioritize the type of destination marketing software and individual features you need.
  • How to choose a solution that aligns with your destination marketing goals, challenges, needs, and budget.
  • How to effectively compare and evaluate solutions, features, and vendors.
  • How to advocate internally for a new solution and handle common objections.

Bonus resources included:

  • Checklist: Destination Marketing Tool Evaluation Checklist
  • Worksheet: Destination Marketing Assessment Worksheet
  • Template: Destination Marketing Platform Comparison Scorecard

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Figuring out which destination marketing tool to buy - or even where to start - can be challenging. That’s where this free guide comes in.

You are in good company

Map Your City is a complete Destination Marketing platform that helps cities, towns and destination marketing organizations deliver world class destination experiences. Our platform gives you the simplicity to start right away, the power to grow, and the human-centered approach to turn travelers and locals into advocates. We’re the software behind small & large destinations, enabling them to spend time and resources on what matters: promoting destinations, not learning software.

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