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 Summary of the best destination marketing platforms on the market today.

Have you ever googled “destination marketing software” and been over- whelmed by the endless options, every one of them claiming to be the No. 1 choice? Figuring out which tool to choose — or even where to start researching — can be challenging.

What is destination marketing software?

Typically destination marketing software lets you organize and manage destination experiences, educate locals and visitors, collaborate with your travel stakeholders and respond to service requests and bookings.

They may include, Location Management & Wayfinding. Content Management, Community Management and Monetization options. However, not all destination marketing platforms include all of these tools mentioned.

What should you look for in a destination marketing software?

Most organizations do not need an enterprise-level destination marketing platform — nor do they have the resources to have dedicated administrators to manage complex systems. If you’re just a few shops, you may not need much more than a “link-in-bio” page. Or maybe you’re at the point where your community is growing and you’re looking to add an easy yet scalable platform to get you the basics.

“What you need to look for in a destination marketing platform really depends on your unique situation and the problems you are looking to solve.”

What makes sense for destinations with thousands of places doesn’t make sense for a small town that needs to keep things simple, move quickly, and focus on delighting locals and a few out-of-town visitors.

The best destination marketing software in 2023

Choosing the right place marketing software for your team can feel overwhelming. There are a multitude of options, all with their own merits and ways to help you improve. However, just because something is good doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good for you.

It’s hard to find the right tool if you don’t know what you’re looking for. The categories of destination marketing software and place + event marketing software cover a lot of ground and can include everything from a free “link-in- bio” account to an enormous enterprise white label system.

However, we’re going to focus on these 4 core types to look for:

  • Location Management & Wayfinding
  • Content Management
  • Community Management
  • Monetization

We will note that some destination marketing tools cover multiple use cases, whereas others are more singularly focused. For example, with Map Your City, you get a Location Management, Community Management, Content Management & Monetization options, and more — all in one platform.

In order to begin your search, it helps to know at least some of your options. Below is a short-list of the best destination marketing software solutions on the market right now. For a complete guide – including a complete overview of the best software solutions – to help you in your buying decision we have created an extensive Buying Guide. That is available to download completely free of charge.

Location Management & Wayfinding

Also known as a map software, maps marketing software, routing software, poi api, or mapping software.

Maps are one of the tools destination marketing teams typically want to invest in. Maps are also a great way to nurture new visitors, and depending on the tool, educate people about your city, destination or products, and drive conversions.

Top 3 Platforms to consider:

Content Management

Also known as a content management system, a destination management system, asset management tool, or user generated content tool.

A content management system allows you to create, store, organize, manage, and share destination content with an audience.

Top 3 stand-alone options to consider:

Community Management

Also known as a stakeholder management system, a user engagement system, or community engagement suite.

Community management software is a tool that allows multiple people to access, create & share content, and send & respond to messages. There are generally other organization and automation features included to help effectively manage content and conversations. Content management (as described above) can be part of community management tools.

Top 3 stand-alone options to consider:


Also known as an event ticket system, an event management platform, booking platform or reservation system.

Ticketing & Events software is a tool that allows people to access a calendar and RSVP or book tickets to events, book rooms, tables and timeslots. Booking systems have been a travel service staple for years because it’s highly conversional and offers a convenient self service option to customers.

Top 3 stand-alone options to consider:

How to choose the destination marketing platform that's right for your organization.

Choosing the right destination marketing software for your company can be daunting. Every provider has its own page of checkmarks demonstrating how their product is at least three ticks better than anyone else’s.

Making an informed choice starts well before you begin comparing feature lists.

To find the best destination marketing software for you, start by answering questions about your visitors, your travel stakeholders, your team and your organization.

That’s where our buyer’s guide comes in. It will cover how to pinpoint your specific needs, what to look for, what to avoid, how to buy software in this category, and how to convince those in charge of the budget to approve the purchase.

Buyer's Guide (100% free)
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You are in good company

Map Your City is a complete Destination Marketing platform that helps cities, towns and destination marketing organizations deliver world class destination experiences. Our platform gives you the simplicity to start right away, the power to grow, and the human-centered approach to turn travelers and locals into advocates. We’re the software behind small & large destinations, enabling them to spend time and resources on what matters: promoting destinations, not learning software.

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