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We’ve asked a few of our power explorers how they use Map Your City and we were amazed how they used the favorites map option.

Map Your City - as our name might tell - is built around creating communities on maps. Our map enables explorers and storytellers to meet and exchange travel stories, news, events, trivia and more about places.

Creating Maps

Both Explorers and Storytellers can create a map. The difference between the two is that Explorers – anyone who creates a free account on Map Your City – can create a map with their own favorite places for their personal use. Like an itinerary or a treasure map. They can collect all the places to their map that our communities of Storytellers have already shared.

For Storytellers maps are public. Storytellers – like a city or town, event organizers, travel vloggers, photographers or architecture lovers – get a tonnes of extra options on a premium subscription, like:  creating a custom map, map new places, and have explorers follow them.

More than 21 ways?

Now the fun thing is when we created Map Your City we could not foresee every use case how people would put the “Favorites Map” feature to work.

If you’re not familiar with the feature yet: you simply hit the ❤️ of a place you love and like to save and they will be added to your personal map.

We had discovered 21 ways to use the option, but people proofed much more creative than we anticipated. Here are some of their stories as inspiration for your own favorites map.

Explorer : Josh

My Mental Health Map

I find life hard to handle sometimes. What really helps me is to go on a long hike. So I added all my favorite parks and trails to my personal map. That is how it sort of became my mental health map.

Off the grid

Getting offline really helps me. Just switching off for a while. We don’t need to share all of our moments, or achievements.

Quiet Places

Real life is not always fun and games. At those times I venture out to the places that are on my favorites map.

Explorer : Roseanne

A Spa Map

I love Spas. Maybe it is because spa treatments offer the possibility to completely relax, both physically and mentally. Sitting in a hot tub, for example, can boost your mood and relieve tension in the body while it will make you feel fully invigorated. I started using the tag “health” in the explore screen to find spas near me. Once I visit them I add them to my personal favorites map. So I know which ones to recommend to my friends or to revisit.

Explorer :  Haleb

Our Family History Map

Our family is pretty multi-cultural. I love to write up some of my family members stories. It started with asking my parents about their time growing up for a school project. I loved diving into our family history and found out we actually have family bonds in Europe.

Family Tree

I am using my favorites map like a “living” family tree map. Adding the places that had an impact on our family. Like – where my parents met.


I never thought it would be so much fun to learn about the history of places. One of my favorite communities to follow is Canada’s Historic Places.

Explorer : Roseanne

My Christmas Shopping Map

Buying presents for loved ones brings so much joy, I just love to get out and about and start shopping early. Despite online shopping options, brick and mortar shops still provide a genuine seasonal experience. I don’t wait to hit the stores late and buy something last minute. I add my favorite boutiques and department stores in the cities I love to go visit. So when I actually get there I have my shopping plan ready. Yes of course my map also includes places for that special Christmas high tea, to make the shopping experience extra special.

Explorer :  Robert

My Bucketlist Map

With so many places on the Map Your City map it initially seemed hard to pick the ones I wanted to add to my favorites map. But using the filters that matched my interests it was actually pretty easy. The hard thing is to visit them all in my life time.

Bucket list

A bucket list or wish list rather I like to call it. A collection of my favorites places I’d like to visit in various cities and some national parks.


Somehow the list keeps growing rather than it getting shorter. Guess I have to start prioritizing, or win a lottery.

Let us know how you use your favorites map

We are thankful for these stories that our community has shared with our team reporter. We are sure there must be more ways we haven’t thought of and always love to hear about them. Drop us a note or reach out on our socials.

P.S. The images with the stories are stock photos from Unsplash (in case you were wondering).

Explore more?

There are a ton of locations on Map Your City, and more are added every day. Simply:
  • download the app ?
  • follow your favorite communities to be kept in the loop,
  • ❤️ your favorite places to add them to your own treasure map.

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