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Paris continues to undergo change, shaping the capital for the 2020s. Paris – that had serious competition from cities as London and Tokyo as innovative arts & design cities – ranks again alongside the world’s most innovative.

The city’s cultural offering remains without doubt the destination’s key attraction, Inside Paris adds to that new prestigious & unusual attractions and exceptional events.

The city has created its new face for the future and that has paid off. In 2017 a strong recovery in tourism largely exceeded forecasts with a staggering 41.1 million visitors to the France’s capital. This increase is not only credited to the rise in global tourism but also to an ambitious recovery plan funded by the City of Paris, the French State and the Île-de-France Region. Inside Paris kicks off with some creative attractions for the whole family to enjoy.

More creative immersive exhibitions than ever

The Palais de la découverte, part of Universcience, presents fundamental and contemporary science in a dynamic way in the form of interactive experiments explained by scientists. Discover the amazing world of illusions. Whether apparent paradoxes or other distortions of our senses, natural or man-made illusions have always fascinated us. This exhibition features around forty fun experiences introducing these phenomena and explaining the tricks they play on our minds. You will be amazed and surprised for sure!

Where? Palais de la Découverte When? Until 25 August 2019

Celebrating contemporary art and innovative thinking with Cartier

Once a creative space for artists and a place where art and the general public can meet, the Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain is dedicated to promoting and raising public awareness of contemporary art. The Fondation Cartier embraces all creative fields and genres of contemporary art, ranging from design to photography, from painting to video art and from fashion to performance art. The Fondation Cartier offers a specifically tailored program of activities for families and children with each exhibition. It not only offers families fun-filled visits of the exhibition in the company of a guide but also creative workshops stimulating the creative mind of your kids.

Where? Cartier Foundation When? Year round

What cannot be done in La Gaîté Lyrique, we’d better ask ourselves. In the heart of Paris, this phenomenon is the merging place of art, innovation & digital. Offenbach’s former Belle Époque Gaîté Lyrique theatre has been turned into Paris’s first ever digital cultural centre – a 7 floor, multidisciplinary concert hall and gallery that thrusts visitors deep into the realms of digital art, music, graphics, film, fashion, design and video games. Don’t just focus on one exhibition, but visit this former theatre to go to a concert, participate in a talk, see a screening, do a workshop, have a drink or even pick up local groceries.

Where? La Gaîté Lyrique When? La Gaîté lyrique is open Tuesday through Sunday.

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About the Author: Melanie Vrauwdeunt – regularly writes for the Map Your City Team about city lifestyle and travel. Her daily life she devides her time between her work at the University of Amsterdam, writing, catching up on her reading, delivering content for numerous lifestyle websites and her frequent travels.

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