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Our Tips to build a successful community

Kudos! You have done an amazing job so far. Here’s just some first tips to help you make your community work successfully.

Think about your story

  1. Building an awesome community starts with thinking about the story you would like to tell your audience. Don’t rush it, ask your co-workers or your clients for example for advice or feedback.
  2. Use good quality photo material to present your Organization and your Locations.
  3. What products, services and information would you like to share? What do you want to be filled by your community members using the MYC app? Think this through carefully.

About custom fields

  1. Always check how your custom fields work out in the app! Be careful when using long field tags for example.
  2. And be aware when you have a large community connected to your Organization that is mapping with you, it must be clear to all of them what information they need to fill in. With larger groups, working with Dropdown lists or Multi Selects for example, might prove more simple in daily use. Make it easy on them in order to guarantee the quality of the information.
  3. This is important: You can only delete custom fields (in your Organization Dashboard) when you have not yet used them and collected information through them. You cannot delete custom fields after using them, the only option in that case is to “hide” them from the public.
  4. Be aware when you have added your Custom Form to a Location, and you and your users have added information – upon clicking “hide this field” the collected information in that specific field cannot be viewed by others anymore!

Check how your community is doing regularly

  1. Check your Organization’s recent growth and other valuable insights on your Dashboard – see which Locations are leading the pack and which ones need some extra love and care.
For Pros like you
Now you are ready to get the most out of Map Your City for your business with the Storymappers’ Marketing Playbook. For advanced marketing pro’s like yourself – the Playbook is a guide packed with advanced tips on how to give your community valuable experiences. Such as how to master sending push notifications, creating great blogposts and landing pages. Flip through the Playbook to gather the info you need or read it from front to back.
Still stumped? Check out our Knowledge base or reach out any time. We are waiting under that little green button in the left side corner of your screen.

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