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Managing your community’s Locations from your Dashboard

Locations can be mapped in the Map Your City mobile app or added using the Dashboard. This article describes how you can add and manage locations for your communities from your Dashboard.

The Dashboard allows you – as an owner of an Organization – to manage all locations for your community. Just a note to remember: The locations that you mapped personally for any Organization (as member or owner) – show up in the Map Your City mobile app under My Locations.

If you need to know how you and your members can map Locations from the Map Your City Mobile app, this is a helpful video to refer to

Here’s the tools you will be using in this step and the details to help you map locations.

Map Your City app

The Map Your City app is a map where Explorers and Storytellers meet. No, not the kind of map with boring pins and street names. It’s a new kind of map that’s connected to the communities you love and the world. People use it every day to explore, talk, play, learn — and map some places, too.

Web Dashboard

Your Dashboard helps you to be smarter about marketing your locations. It's where you manage your account, and where you invite your community, customize the Map Your City app, build your custom Web map, send notifications and learn from business insights.

The Geo Locator

The Geo Locator helps you to map locations in Map Your City. It retrieves coordinates, street names and all other geo-information in a jiffy. If you want you can use the Google street view image or Google search to make finding a location easier.


Sometimes we all just need a little help. With Map Your City Essentials, there are plenty of ways we’re here to help you make the most of your Map Your City experience. Before you reach out to our Support team, sometimes you can quickly find the answer yourself.

The Dashboard Locations menu

  1. In the menu on the left side you can find all the existing locations on Map Your CityYou can search to see if your preferred location’s address is already on the on the list. If you want to add a new location that is not on the map already, simply click on the “Add” button.
  2. If you would like to edit or view an existing location, click on the “Edit” button of the location you would like to edit.
  3. The “Status column” tells you if the location is published or is still in draft mode. After you have edited the location you can publish it.
  4. You can select multiple Locations
  5. Clicking the “Trash” icon deletes one or more locations that you added. But be aware this also deletes any information you or your users have added to that location.
Schermafdruk 2015-04-24 14.35.53

All locations in on the MYC Map in list view

How to add locations to Map Your City from your Dashboard

  1. After you have clicked the “Add” button, you can find an address just like on Google Maps.
  2. Click on “Refresh Data” and the address appears in the fields below.
  3. Select “Published” if you want to publish the location on the map.
  4. After you are done, be sure to click the “Save Changes” button
Schermafdruk 2015-04-30 15.34.56

Add a location in your Dashboard…

Schermafdruk 2015-04-30 15.35.21

…and publish it.

Adding images to a location from your Dashboard

  1. By default the Google Street View Image is used, when you add a Location in your Organization Dashboard.
  2. You can add new images by clicking on “Select image” . This will add the new image to the Photo Slider in the app.
  3. Click the “Save image” button to save your newly added image and to add another.
Schermafdruk 2015-04-30 15.49.14

Adding images to a location


Ready to create some magic?
Hop on over to the next step to personalize your locations with your stories and start linking to your website, booking or ticket sales provider, and start creating your community’s Web map.

Common Questions

How do I import an existing location portfolio?

  1. When you already have a CMS or a location portfolio digitally stored, you can send us your portfolio in .csv format. We will import it for you and add it to your Organization.
  2. You can use this template or just contact us if you would like to have your profile imported for you

How can we map locations from the mobile app?

Mapping locations from the Map Your City mobile app is incredibly simple. If you would like to explain how this works to your community of owners and members this is a helpful video to refer to.

How do we add information to our locations?

We love your enthusiasm. So hop on over to the next step. We’ll explain in detail in the next section how that is done. It is important you have completed your form using the Form Builder in the previous section.