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The 5 best co-working spaces in the world right now.

Do you struggle to find a reliable place to work - find yourself in more coffee places than you'd like when traveling? Well - then maybe you should read this.

Work spaces are popping up everywhere

S paces are popping up in almost every city worldwide, catering to the growing number of creatives, coders and entrepreneurs working freelance and remote. But what are the best coworking spaces and how to find the best ones? We’ve rounded up the world’s best. If you’re looking for more co-working spots, you might consider following “Creative Spaces” on Map Your City. This awesome community helps you find the the best.

1. Factory, Berlin

B erlin is one of the world’s leading destinations for entrepreneurs, digital nomads and other on-the-road creatives. Factory, a “community of innovators”, is arguably the king of its burgeoning coworking market. It has positioned itself not only as a home for tech first-timers but multinational corporations: Soundcloud, Uber and relayr’s Berlin teams are all based at the space. You can find them at two locations in the city. This boxy building, abuts the German capital’s former dividing wall.

Berlin is also – not surprisingly – one of the most popular cities to live —->How to make your city future proof.

2. Crew Collective Cafe, Montreal

C rew Collective is the cafe, open 7 days a week with open seating, lots of plugs, locally roasted coffee and goodies, as well as quiet bunks when necessary, making it an excellent choice for coworking. And we just cannot get over that ceiling ?.

Did you know Montreal was also voted one of the best cities by millennials? —->How to make your city future proof.

3. Neuehouse, Hollywood

O ne of Hollywood’s most celebrated buildings, NeueHouse Hollywood occupies the original CBS Studios, the world’s first structure built intentionally for broadcast. Here genre-defining artists from Orson Wells and Lucille Ball, to Janis Joplin, the Beach Boys, and Bob Dylan built their legacy.

4. Hubud, Bali, Indonesia

P ossibly the most Instagrammable of all these coworking spaces, Bali’s Hubud is part startup office, part island paradise – complete with beach, bamboo (repurposed) and and organic cafe. Ten thousand people have stepped through Hubud’s eco-friendly doors thus far. They are treated to “an epicenter of big ideas in a charming and enchanting village,” according to the space’s creators.

5. B Amsterdam, Amsterdam

B Amsterdam’s coworking space is an open plan coworking space full of like-minded people, a full membership gives you access to their entrepreneurial community and unlimited access to the events, support and facilities. B also offers private offices, studios, padel courts, a gym, and a rooftop restaurant.

Amsterdam has a lot more amazing work spaces – we highlighted some before: —->Why Amsterdam has always been an innovation hotspot.

Digital nomad or part of the growing remote workforce?

A re you part of the growing number of creatives, coders and entrepreneurs working freelance and remote? Working from hotel rooms or lobbies is definitely a thing of the past. And even if you’re not traveling – simply dropping in on a community of like-minded individuals is often that little bit of inspiration you need. Even if it is to escape cabin fever.

There are a ton of locations on Map Your City, and more are added every day. Simply download the app ? follow Creative Spaces, or use the filter “Workspaces” or “Creator Hotspots” when exploring the map.

Owner of a work space or creative hub?

B e sure to join the Creative Spaces community. They are an awesome group of entrepreneurs who will welcome you with open arms. Once you get accepted you can start adding your own locations to the map.

Map Your City is on a mission to help you tell your stories where it counts.

No credit card required – simply download the app and create your community or join one you fancy.

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