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Internet has provided us with amazing opportunities to get our stories across – promote our products, our projects and get support for our goals, ventures and causes.

But how do you actually tell a great story that people are willing to listen to, engage with and remember?

How do you tell a story that sticks?

We tell stories all the time.

Actually humans have been telling stories from the beginning of time – probably even before we could speak. We tell stories around the campfire, write plays, novels, and short stories. We also make movies, take photographs, tweet to each other and more.

The power of a great – not good, but great – story is that it has the ability to connect with people at an emotional level.

At the Khan Academy they teach you that when you tell your story it needs something to come alive. Something personal – something from your own life.

Also Seth Godin has many times emphasized the importance of making a real connection. And not without reason marketers listen when Seth Godin speaks. To make a real connection you will have to earn trust with your followers.

It is the work of a human being doing something real and personal that might not work or not be successful – which moves and inspires us.

He encourages marketers to be worth connecting with. No one wants to connect to someone who’s going to do just what they did yesterday.

Be worth connecting with. Make art and do something because it matters. You don’t earn connection with discounts or clever copy, you earn it by being generous and being an artist.

Seth Godin

Stories are all about people.

So focus your stories on the artists, the makers, the adventurers and explorers. Or show your own journeys, vulnerabilities or challenges. Even if your organization is about real estate, or focusses on improving your clients’ workflows. Show the people and personal stories of your community.

Map Your City will help

tell your stories

beautifully – everywhere.

Our mobile app and mapping tools will help you tell your stories in a completely new, unique and engaging way.


The business rationale

Telling your stories isn’t easy.

Stories just don’t come out perfect the first time – second, third or fourth time, it actually takes a lot of work. That is why we have created our platform to do a lot of the heavy lifting for you. So the only thing you have to do is focus on getting your story just right.

Maybe you haven’t thought about telling your story or your community’s story with help of a map – or maybe you did, and thought it was just too complicated or expensive. We cannot agree more.

Indeed it has been incredibly expensive and you needed to be a developer or hire one just to get you set up. Until we came along that is.

Map your stories.

Telling your stories with help of our maps is actually is pretty easy and fun to do. And your followers will love you for making your stories available for them, and for the way you enable them to discover and engage with your stories.

No journey through your map will be the same. Your stories will all be served differently depending on how your followers browse through the stories and places they are interested in. They can even add your places to their own map in the mobile app.

Here’s some of the things that you can do as a storyteller on Map Your City and how it will create value for your followers, your community or yourself (and save you a lot of time).

Our maps will help tell thousands of your stories or more. No matter if you are a photographer, a travel vlogger, an architect, an artist, or someone who is looking to showcase your city, town or local shopping district. All you have to do is make them authentic and inviting. We'll take care of the rest.

We can take your photography to the next level

Show all the places in your photography portfolio – tell about the challenges and educate your followers about the settings and edits you’ve made. Discover the ease to link it to your printshop and embed the map on your website.

“I love how it supports telling the story of my journey as a photographer.”

John MartinezPhotographer, NYC

Show the stories that your Main Street is made of

  • Save time & effort by working collaboratively
  • No need for developers or expensive mapping software
  • Simple embed codes and smart integrations
  • Guide your visitors with your map. Lists can be helpful, but not to your visitors
  • Give visitors control with a map they understand
  • Stay ahead, with our very affordable pricing

Let’s Change How We

Tell Travel Stories

Create a professional interactive travelguide. It just takes minutes to create your map and integrates seamlessly with your website and social media. You need a platform that works for you - not the other way around.

Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness

Frank GehryArchitect

Create a genuine showcase of your

most loved architecture, or

for the portfolio of your company.

Use the city as your canvas - we help your fans find your art

When we enter the office space of MARK! we are welcomed by big pieces of what they call low brow art or street art. But other than that the office space is surprisingly clean and crisp designed, much like…

“We created a complete art experience by mapping our artists’ installations - easy from start to finish.”

Ron HuizingaCEO, MARK! Creatives

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