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We have made your travel experience to and from airports a whole lot easier.

Our collaboration with and means you have a lot less hassles to worry about when traveling by air.

For many, air travel is a stressful experience.

Traveling by air is a big stress factor these days. From packing your bags to finding a dependable transfer service to the airport or finding a safe and affordable place to park your car – it can all add to the pre-travel stress. In the current pandemic it is even worse. Now you also need to investigate what the specific vaccination and health regulations are in the country you’re traveling to.

Research shows a in large part, airport stress is related to a person’s need to control his or her own environment, and that is fairly difficult to do at an airport – especially if it is an unknown one. And factors like “will I make my flight on time” and “do I have the necessary (health) documentation” all add to that stress level.

We thought to take away some of those stress factors. That is why we created “Airport Essentials” on Map Your City. A community provided together with and to take the worry out of your air travel.

All the information at hand for a worry free trip.

So how do we take away (at least some of) the stress and make your trip more enjoyable?

  • By adding hassle free booking options for airport transfer to and from 500 airports worldwide and airport parking reservation options in advance of your trip.
  • By directing you to the official government health info about covid-19 regulations, so you know you have the latest dependable information at hand.
  • And by guiding you to the official airport websites. It might sound strange but the internet is full of commercial affiliates (for car rentals or air travel ticket booking) that mimic the official airport websites.

Access to reliable resources and information. The confidence you can have that your taxi will track your flight and make sure you spend no time waiting around at the airport. And the knowledge that you can have that you left your car in a secure place at the departure airport – every time. We trust this can bring that peace of mind you need, to the point that you maybe even can enjoy your journey.

For all major airports and marine ports around the world

Services are available for all major transport hubs around the world. We are currently completing adding all major locations on the Map Your City map. Tap the port of choice to get access to all info of that location. Or follow the Airport Essentials community on Map Your City to be kept in the loop of newest locations and latest news.



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