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The way we help you connect is our secret...

Whether you own a shop, cafe, offer experiences or run an accommodation – owning a small business is hard these days. Juggling many hats and taking care of your marketing is no easy task and hard work. So you need a marketing platform that works as hard for you. Learn all about the secret how Map Your City helps your local business community thrive.

Learn all about the secret how Map Your City helps your local business community thrive. Read the user stories.

“I'm wondering why I ever did my marketing alone before! Seriously, Map Your City have reinvented the way local business set up their marketing strategy. The ease with with my business can connect with other local business and support us as a local brand is unprecedented. Thanks for an amazing experience!”

misha martinezLocal Shop Owner - Houston

Join a community already on Map Your City

Found your match in a community already on Map Your City? That’s great! Now add your local business to the map and customize your listing with stunning images and all the information that is important to you: website or shop links, booking or reservation platforms. Enjoy the perks that come with being part of something bigger. O yeah before we forget: It’s free.

best coffees - street art - 21 ways to use your treasure map
Map Your City, Storyteller, a city, town, event organizer, travel vlogger, photographer

Create your community on Map Your City

No matching community on Map Your City for your business yet? In that case – be the frontrunner for your community and add it to Map Your City. Round up your local partners and start enjoying all the benefits for your street, city, destination, event, project or local brand. Like – create and customize amazing Mobile app experiences, build stunning web Maps and Landing pages, write killer Blogposts and Email campaigns, create Payment options, add Ticketing or Online Reservation Systems and Booking Platforms. Hard work you say? Not at all – we have made inviting others, and everything after, a breeze.

Eric Cohen

Guest House Owner

"Map Your City really is about creating something big with the power of small. It is so easy to tell your stories with other local tourguides and businesses - invite them or let them join in their own time and mapyourcity does the rest. Finally a tool that understands the struggle of small operators in the travel space"

Real people with life-changing results

Ramona Davis

Brand Manager

"I cannot afford a high maintenance marketing platform - that's why Map Your City is such a great find. Our local business district is hit hard by covid-19. We are all in survival mode - keeping up our marketing is tough. Thanks to Map Your City we benefit from copromoting - such a fresh approach and huge time saver."

A little extra love & care.

Grab some attention for your business and your community on Map Your City with these stickers, postcards and badges.

Love Us

These stickers are a fun alternative “low tech” way to let everyone know you are on Map Your City and invite them to hit the ❤️ and save your place to their own map.

We are on…

These stickers are a fun alternative “no tech” way to let everyone know you are on Map Your City. Add them to your laptop – cash register or shop window.

Join us

You’ve already got all the tools available when you’re on one of our plans, but these postcards are a fun additional “low tech” way to invite your community.

Add a badge

Let others know you are on Map Your City or proudly show your Editor’s Choice Badge. Simple download the Badge Kit.

Get started with Map Your City
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