Museum of Ice-cream is everything you dreamed of as a kid – and the brand playfully triggers that childhood memory in you to create an immersive experience that promotes its ice-cream brand BIG time.

Always wanted to jump in a pool full of ice-cream sprinkles? - now you can 🙂

PopUp Experiences

The Museum of Ice Cream started with its first location in New York and soon followed by more in Miami, Los Angeles and San Francisco, it now has seen over 1 million visitors — and a social media following of more than 300,000. It travels throughout the US with Pop-Up experiences that are filled with colorful, sensory-driven installations that encourage customers to interact with both the physical space and the staff.

The locations are all a bubblegum pink color — from the floors to the tiled walls to the pool floats, which lie casually around, leaving the surface of the water undisturbed. Except it’s not water — and this isn’t a pool. Well, it’s not a swimming pool in the traditional sense of the word.

It’s the dream child of Maryellis Bunn, co-founder of the Museum of Ice Cream, who “always dreamt of the ocean being filled with sprinkles she could swim in,” Head of Retail Trina Chan said to RetailDive.

Remember those crazy ideas you dreamed up as a kid? The Museum of Ice Cream is the place where ideas are transformed into real life experiences...a place where flavors are mysteries, toppings are toys, and sprinkles make the world a better place. Our mission is to design environments that bring people together & provoke imagination!

Museum of Ice-Cream

A Pint Shop in New York

Building momentum with limited time open and ticket sales the MOIC builds a crowd. Its latest taste on the menu is The Pint Shop – an interactive grocery shopping destination, complete with immersive installations, a reservation-only tasting experience and the debut of Museum of Ice Cream’s very own ice cream line.

And now Museum of Ice Cream Is Coming to Target’s Kids’ Department, Freezer Aisles and More…

The partnership includes a pastel-hued, endlessly fun Art Class collection—and so much more! Launching in stores and online on June 3, the collection will highlight Museum of Ice Cream’s signature playful aesthetic brought to life across an apparel and accessories collection in summery prints, patterns and colors. We’re talking gummy bear graphic tees, banana-patterned separates, pastel roller skates and beyond!

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Now take a dive into that pool, buy that ice-cream or book a tasting or workshop and give your kid (and yourself) a great experience or – when you are in retail, watch and learn…

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