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Sell more stuff, create more foot traffic, make informed decisions.

Congratulations! You are now in charge of a very powerful location marketing tool to create engagement with your community, sell more stuff, create more foot traffic to your locations and events and collect the intel to make informed decisions.

Quick Start

New to Map Your City and not sure where to start? Don't worry we have got your back. A guide with the step-by-step basics to create your community in the Map Your City app and to build your own online webmap.


Sometimes we all just need a little help. With Map Your City Essentials, there are plenty of ways we’re here to help you make the most of your Map Your City experience. Before you reach out to our Support team, sometimes you can quickly find the answer yourself.


For advanced marketing pro's like yourself - the Storymapper Playbook is a guide packed with tips on how to give your community valuable experiences. Such as how to master sending push notifications, creating great blogposts and landing pages.


Your Dashboard to be smarter about marketing your locations. It's where you manage your account, and where you invite your community, customize the Map Your City app, build your custom Web map, send notifications and learn from business insights.

Learn more with the Marketing Playbook

Promote at places that count

Create location experiences that connect with your audience at the right time and the right place. Increase your outreach even further and integrate your favorite social media, like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Connect everyone everywhere

Marketing world-class location experiences today has changed and we’ve designed our product to enable you to market those experiences for your customers at scale.

Create better location experiences

Create and customize amazing Mobile app experiences, build stunning web Maps and Landing pages, write killer Blogposts and Email campaigns, create Payment options, add Ticketing or Online Reservation Systems and Booking Platforms.

Optimize your marketing

The more you know about your followers and locations, the smarter you can be with your marketing. Our built-in analytics tools help you break down the data so you can do more of what works.

Still stumped? Check out these common questions.

More FAQ's

How can I gift Map Your City?

How do I set up my team?

Can I import locations?

How do I share my locations anywhere?

How can my community join?

How do I receive notifications?

Questions about your Account, Billing or Plan ?

How does the 15-day trial work?

How do I sign in?

Plan and Price Guide

How do Plan Add-Ons work?

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Go to User Guide for Members joining a community

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